Revolution Hybrid Protector 5.0

Brand new glove to the PRO-GK range, the Revolution Hybrid Protector is everything you want in a goalkeeping glove! Fantastic looks, amazing comfort & fit! It really is a superb glove! #PROGKNATION

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New for 2016, the Revolution Hybrid Protector 5.0 is a mix between a roll finger & negative cut palm, featuring 3.5mm black ss latex. This new cut offers the goalkeeper a fantastic fit with excellent gripping for use in all weather conditions.


High density embossing latex that is used across the fingers, a highly functional embossed Punch Zone latex helps provide the goalkeeper, the support and confidence they need in their gloves.

Snug FitĀ is a tailored glove cut created by the brand, the aim was to lose baggy excess latex palm side and backhand side to create a snug secure fitting goalkeepers glove without the glove being too tight and uncomfortable.


Comfortable textile glove body is used to help keep moist hands cool and dry. Designed and used to provide ventilation inside the glove where it is most needed, this is a highly breathable air mesh material gives optimum breathability to the hand and helps keep you dry and comfortable


Improved removable spines in all 5 fingers, offer superb comfort and protection in one.